Information about Bostad Visbys New Booking System -



All Hosts must fill in a certificate with a Swedish bank ID before they can post their listings and account details. Weeky reserves the money for a few days before the rent is paid to the host.

The host is responsible that the information in the listing is correct.


Our hosts are covered by a supplementary insurance given to them by The hosts are responsible for keeping a valid home insurance.


The Guests send a booking request and pre-approve the rent by credit-card.

If the host accepts your booking, the money will be reserved on the card and your booking is valid. A rental agreement between Host & Guest will be in place with conditions as below.

All bookings are weekly (7 nights) and the guests must observe the changeover date stated in the listing. If you to seek to change the Turnover Day, you can send a message to the host before you make a Booking request. Save your message transcript so it is easy to follow what you have agreed upon. If you agree on a different price the the advertised price - the host can change the pricing for the week in question under "Edit Weekly Rates" before you send a booking request.


”Weeky” BrickMotion AB - reserves the right to cancel bookings if a dispute arises between the Host and the Guest before the check-in. Normally, a no cancellation rule applies after 24 hours.


Any dispute concerning this agreement, between Guests & Hosts, shall be settled in court in the place where the property is listed.

The agreement is concluded directly between the Host and the Guest. Any additions to this agreement by the host must be included in the item description "special conditions" or in the chat between Host and Guest.

When will the booking be binding?

The booking becomes binding after the Guest has reserved the rent on his debit card in the booking request and the Host after the Host has approved this booking request.

Number of Guests

More guests than the stated maximum amount of guests stated in the listings may not stay at the property without the Hosts consent.

What happens if something is breaks or is damaged during the rental period?

The Guest must take good care of and guard the property given. The Guest is responsible for all individuals staying in the residence from the time they checked in until they checked out. If damage occurs, the Guest will answer if this cannot show that the same is not causing the damage. It is the responsibility of the Host to keep the property insured.

What happens if the Guest does not come?

The rent is paid regardless of whether the Guest comes or not.

Can the Guest transfer the apartments to third parties?

The Guest may not, without the Host's written permission, transfer the tenancy or lend the property to a third party.

What happens if the rental object is not available on the date of agreed check-in?

The host is obliged to find satisfactory replacement accomodation. If the host cannot find another acceptable property, the host is obliged to repay the rent received and must also pay compensation for damages for the inconvenience caused to the Guest by the breach of contract. The damage is limited to SEK 10,000.

What happens if the home is not well cleaned when moving in?

The Guest notifies the Host so that the host is given the opportunity to improve the cleaning. Any deficiencies in cleaning are documented by the Guest with photo. If the Guest cleans by themselves, without having given the host the opportunity to improve the cleaning, the perceived lack of cleaning on arrival cannot be invoked as a reason for not cleaning before check-out.

What happens if the guest behaves  inappropriately?

If there is a complaint from a neighbours, security guards or police and the Guest does not immediately cease the inappropriate behaviour, the Host has the right to evict the Guest and demand compensation for any restoration of the property.


The lease expires at the end of the rental period. The Guest must vacate without notice. The home shall be returned in a well-cleaned condition so that it is ready for the next residents.

Other costs for the accommodation

Included in the rent is the cost of heating, electricity, water, garbage collection and such charges that are not normally paid by Guests for short-term rentals.


With the agreement of this agreement, the Guest is obliged to pay rent to the host. The rent is paid by card with the payment broker automatically pays the rent to the host's account.